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58 - 62 Enterprise Ave
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Martins Panelmasters provides a high-quality repair service and can assist you with your claim from start to finish . As most insurance companies give you choice of repairer, we can assist you with making your claim with any insurance company, we will arrange any external repairs required - mechanical repairs, air conditioning repairs and windscreens. We will handle all aspects of repairs, to minimise the stress of being in an accident.

All our external work such as mechanical work is directed to our insurance company approved mechanic that works within the standards of you and your insurance company.

We have cutting-edge dent repair equipment needed to repair your car to the highest standard and quality that it was before your accident, if not better. We have a Car-o-Liner system which allows our expert technicians to measure and align your car to the original specifications.

If your car requires a tow we can arrange for your car to be towed from where you had the accident (through accident allocation) to our repair shop at no cost to yourself with a claim number. We will arrange everything with the towing company so you don’t need to worry.

For those who can’t be without a car in this busy world we live in we have Loan Cars available to help you get on with life and with as little disruption as possible. They are well maintained, and have fittings required for child seats if there is a need.

We are also located close to the train station but if you need a lift, we can take you to your home or place of work, within the local Berwick and Narre Warren area with one of our friendly staff members.

After the smash repairs are completed, if you would rather use your own mechanic, we are happy to arrange for the drop off of your car.

We can also provide a car detailing service, so that when you get your vehicle back, it looks like it just rolled off the factory floor. 

We specialise in all make and models of 4WD. We have a car-o-liner measuring system which enables us to repair your 4X4 back to manufactures specifications.